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I used to go to sleep right away when I get home from work and the gym. Yes. I am always that tired. Lol.

But as I age, I get to learn the value of a proper skincare. I am always lazy when it comes to a “before bed beauty routine” – even on mornings. But yea, I guess it’s important to maintain your youthful glow especially if you are approaching your mid 20s. Haha!

Honestly, I don’t easily get excited with some beauty or skincare products introduced to me. But some time last year (2015) when I got to try some products from PEAUCHIC, to my surprise, I loved it and I am satisfied with its effect on my skin – face, in particular!

I started using their products again just this month (October). So basically, this is my 2nd week.

Before bed, after washing my face with warm water and Rosehip soap (I wasn’t able to take a photo of the soap since it’s almost half its size already. Hehe!), I put on Peauchic’s Glutathione with Rosehip Toner and night cream.

Check out the glow it gives to my face right on the spot!

I used to have a really pale-almost-yellowish skin. (I look as if I am always sick. Grr.) But these products gave me a youthful glow.

Definitely highly recommended!

Feel free to follow PEAUCHIC on Instagram! They offer more products!



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