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Most of us, ladies, know how to use make-up. Even if all you know is applying your lipstick or BB cream, it still means you know how to “use” make-up.

But some us doesn’t know how to keep our “tools” clean. I am talking about the make-up brushes we use almost everyday!

The down side? These dirty brushes could actually harm our skin. Some of you may think that it’s okay and it’s normal not to sanitize your make-up brushes since it is for personal use anyway and the fact that we use the same product everyday. BUT NO! You got it all wrong.

So here, I am sharing how I actually clean mine.


First is the so called DEEP CLEANSING. This procedure is highly recommended for those who have used their brushes for a week. Like in my case, I don’t have time to sanitize every day or two, I only clean my brushes on Sundays.



  1. Basin (with 1/3 water)
  2. Any shampoo
  3. Your dirty brushes
  4. Brush and Cosmetic Sanitizer
  5. Towel/Tissue



Step 1: Grab your brush and slightly dip it in the water so it would get a little wet. (Check photo below)

Step 2: Dip it into the shampoo now.

Step 3: Shampoo the hair/bristles of your make-up brush GENTLY.

Step 4: Rinse your brush with water.

Step 5: Do step 4 on all of your brushes then let them all dry together.

Step 6: With a batch of 5’s, spray your brush sanitizer. My favorite is this one from Paint Box Artistry!

(Press play!)

Step 7: Last, wipe your brush on a tissue or towel.


The second way to clean your brush is called REGULAR SANITATION  and this one is really simple. This is highly recommended for those who wants a quick cleaning sesh after using the brushes. Yup! Right away after using them! This is also nice since the cosmetic products won’t pile up on your brushes! But still, even if you do this on a regular basis, make-sure to do some deep cleansing maybe at least once in a month.

The procedures for Regular Sanitation?

Just follow Steps 6 and 7!

Yep. That simple!


Thanks for reading. Let me know how you clean your brushes through the comments!

XX, Monica

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