Who is Digiphile?        

         Digiphile is your social media partner! Digiphile is a team of “FREELANCE” marketing specialists, content creators/writers, professional graphic artists, and creative photographers who focus on social media advertising and the current trends.


Our Mission:

         It is our mission to show the client their full potential and to take part in their brand’s journey by being the one to strengthen their Internet/online presence without the client having to worry. With the help of the team’s creativity and skills, the goal is to embrace the value of art and its power in social media marketing. 

Our Vision:

         To be the team behind most successful upcoming brands local and international.

What can we generally cater to you?

  • Social Media Management 


What does Social Media Management mean?

         Social Media Management is the task of dealing with all the promotional content on the leading social media sites today like Facebook and Instagram. To do this job professionally, a Social Media Manager is needed.

Social Media Manager’s Job:


As a social media manager, it is our forte to create engaging, eye-catching, and trending posts or content for your business in order to reach more clients in a short span of time.


We write original articles about your product/s or anything about your brand that you want us to expose. This means we do study your brand and products before writing anything else. We do not copy and paste details found online.


It is our job to make sure comments from followers are always entertained. Same goes for the online inquiries, it is our responsibility to answer the FAQs provided that the client will give us guidelines of the answers to their FAQs.


We optimize Social Media accounts to reach everyone on your target market list, giving you all quality leads that could make each of your viewers a customer.


We guarantee results. We analyze the data of your social media accounts from reach to reactions to ensure the growth of our campaigns and the strength of our interaction with people. We adjust and monitor daily or weekly depending on your preference.


Through our experience in online and offline marketing, we came to understand how to be able to address the needs of the clients for better communication and interaction with each possible client. Where in it is the common mistake of most companies or people who handle social media accounts thinking that they do not need to interact.


Why do you need a Social Media Manager?

         You need a Social Media Manager for your business to be able to leverage Internet technologies to deliver promotional advertisement to consumers. Everyone is on the Internet now. Everyone is your market. Having us gets the job done for you.

Other Services:

  • Product Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Graphics Design
  • Web Design

To see our portfolio, please see our Facebook page. (facebook.com/digiphileph)

If you wish to have any clarifications regarding our offered services and if you want to see our rates,

please feel free to contact us or set a meeting with us.




+63949 517 3546

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