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There is a twitter post that has been circulating the internet recently. I quoted what it says:

“Lesson for all girls: don’t date a boy who can’t even take you out to a nice dinner place or movie. DATE A MAN WHO WOULD DO THAT”

Followed by another tweet saying:

“If he doesn’t have money, well that’s not your problem. Tell him to work his ass first before landi lol”

Lots of netizens reacted in their own ways. Some find the advice helpful and just realistic, while some find it ridiculous as if it’s telling girls to be gold diggers.

Regardless that post, the argument is quite common. Right? So let us not put the person who posted it on the hot seat since we are all entitled to our own opinion anyway.

Speaking of which – here’s what I can say about dating that could lead to a healthy relationship.


Sure, yes, money is important since that’s basically how we get everything! — food, comfort, leisure, shelter, BILLS, what else?

Some girls these days even focus on finding rich men to date just so they could experience all things luxurious like receiving signature bags as a present, staying in expensive hotels for staycation, traveling to other countries, and more. I know a lot of them, believe me. But the sad truth is that by the end of the day, they are still unhappy because those are just material things.

Imagine him giving you all the material things you want but ends up cheating on you or beating you up. Are you satisfied with that? Or let’s put it the other way around. He gives you everything you want simply because you are HIS SIDE CHICK. Would you be even proud of that?

What I am trying to say is that if you want those fancy dinner dates, you should not rely on men. Wouldn’t it be much better if you could actually split the bill with him? You are an independent woman. Not a low class hoe leeching off men’s money.

I am kind of late on sharing my thoughts on this topic because I had to think carefully before I say something. It’s not that I am an expert when it comes to dating, but on a more personal note, I was never specific to date someone rich back when I was still single. Why? Simply because I GOT ME.

When I met my boyfriend two years ago, I was a just a college fresh grad at 21. Though I have been already working freelance and I have been running a few small businesses that time, things were still tough. My boyfriend, at 22 that time, runs an online business. We may not be earning big back then, but at least we were both independent.

When it comes to our dates, we always split the bills. Even when we travel in or out of the country, we make sure we both give our fair share of the budget. There are times that my boyfriend surprises me and pays for our meal, but I also do the same thing at times. However, honestly speaking, money was never our issue.

Note: As much as possible, avoid discussing money problems. Just discuss it when it has something to do with business or maybe a budget for a trip together.

What I liked about my boyfriend is his determination to be successful and his independence. He is really eager and focused that he has no time to go to clubs and do other unreasonable things. We are on the same page when it comes to this topic. We are both striving hard for our future and we both support each other with what we do. When one of us is having a down time, we make sure to be a good company and be understanding. We are not just lovers, we are the best of friends. Aside from that, I love the fact that he respects me and my family. Perhaps, that is the most important thing for me. He cares not only about me, but also for my family – and dog. Lol.

Almost two years have passed since our day one and lots of things have changed from us as an individual already. Both of us took our careers to the next level. By supporting and understanding each other, we continue to grow and we learn.

Okay, so enough on the personal story.

My point exactly? Money is no big deal if YOU ARE INDEPENDENT and IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK YOUR ASS YOURSELF. Do not be a GOLD DIGGER. Be a GOAL DIGGER!

You can find someone who doesn’t have money right now but through your belief and support in him, soon enough, he will be successful.

Not only I can prove this. Perhaps, the Beckham‘s would agree as well. Right?

Anyway, like what I said earlier, I know we are all entitled with our own opinion. So consider me just randomly sharing my thoughts and experiences. Thanks for reading!


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