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It was about three months ago when I started chopping off my long black hair every weekend. I loved having it long and black. However, I somehow find it difficult or time consuming that I have to brush my hair everyday in the morning.

I got three haircuts in just one month until it ended up mid-length. Later on, I realized that December is already here. And as a host and blogger, December means events here and there! Basically, I have to look gorgeous and a lovely hairdo is always a big deal!

So here we go, it’s December and I have been posting my photos that left my friends questioning my hair. — WHAT HAPPENED? HOW DID YOUR HAIR LOOKED LIKE THAT? ON YOUR PHOTOS YOUR HAIR WAS DIFFERENT, HOW COME IN PERSON IT’S LIKE THIS? 

Below is my most recent photo with my real hair:

Then below is a photo of my transformed hair:

Alright. So obviously, I am using hair extensions. The deal here is that have decided to use REAL HAIR EXTENSIONS instead of buying synthetic ones that only last for three uses. Sure, they are cheaper. Some synthetic hair extensions only cost around P500 but the thing is, they do not blend in with my real hair. THEY ARE TOO SHINY. You cannot straighten or curl them either. As for the curled synthetic hair extensions, they get so tangled after three uses!

Good thing my mom told me about LYNELLE HAIR EXTENSIONS. As you guys all know, my mom is a professional make-up artist and hairstylist, so I definitely trust her when it comes to these things.

I checked Lynelle’s website and browsed their wigs and extensions. I just found out that they are the go-to store of celebrities and models whenever they need a wig or extensions. Seeing how reliable their brand is, the next day I visited their branch in Fisher Mall, Quezon City.

I compared lengths and ended up buying the longest they have which is 22 inches (waist length) in dark brown. The 2-clip panels are priced at P800 each and the 3-clip panels are P1,100 each.

I have such thick hair and of course, I want it to look good on my head so I bought a whole set that consists of two 3-clip panels and four 2-clip panels for P5,400.

How it blends on my real hair is just amazing. I am starting to get used to it and maybe sooner, I might use it even on a regular day.

Monica Luis in Lynelle


  1. It’s washable – Just like your own hair, wash it with shampoo!
  2. You can dye it! – If ever you plan on dyeing your real hair, you can also have the extensions dyed the same color.
  3. You can curl it.
  4. You can straighten it.
  5. It blends with your real hair.
  6. You can style it!
  7. It’s easy to comb/brush.

Below is another photo of myself wearing my Lynelle extensions and this time, it is curled. (Hairstyle by my mom: Vannie Luis)

I hope this article helps you if ever you are looking for an effortless way to get a fab hair.

Thanks for reading!

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